Wanstead weekend photo, XL

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “Driving through Snaresbrook last evening I saw this Horse Chestnut tree. There is such an amazing amount of ‘fruit’ on the bough that it almost reaches the grass. Looks like it is going to be a bumper season for conker players.”

greensmallWhich bring us on to two excellent points. Geoff is one of the participants of the inaugural Wanstead Fringe, and will be offering people walking tours of some of the photographic highlights of Wanstead, including some of his legendary tuition on making the most of your own photos. Details are to follow – keep an eye on www.wansteadfringe.org, or sign up for Fringe e-mail newsletters.

And secondly, yes, he’s right about the conker harvest going to be bumper. So a repeated request… anyone interested in a conker tournament as part of the fringe? Get in touch – info@wansteadfringe.org

One thought on “Wanstead weekend photo, XL”

  1. Have conkers been banned? I remember conker enhancement was a serious business when I was at school ( sometime in the last century ) ; coating them in nail varnish, baking them, something involving vinegar which I can’t quite recall.

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