6 thoughts on “Theatre in Wanstead Park”

  1. Couldn’t we have been told about this before this was on? Pity this didn’t seem to be advertised well, lots of children would have loved this.

  2. I’m afraid Wansteadium is too busy promoting the ‘unique’ photography of Geoff ‘I can take a picture of a conker’ Wilkinson and letting the awful George C Parker languish is love of sound of his own voice to let Wanstead residents know what is going on.

  3. Next up from Illyria at Wanstead Park:

    Epping Forest @CoLEppingForest

    Don’t miss Wanstead Park’s first #opera, Gilbert & Sullivan’s, The Mikado Thursday 29 August 6pm Book Now 020 7332 1911.

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