Fringe scandal

Picture: Mary Evans Picture Library
It’s now less than two weeks until the start of the Wanstead Fringe. Tickets are now available for another event – and it’s not like anything that’s been staged in the Fringe before.

fringeweblogoScent and Scandal will be a multisensory mix of the sights, smells and drinks of Jazz Age London in what promises to be a fascinating evening at the Duke. Historian, author and local resident Lucinda Gosling of Mary Evans Picture Library will team up with Lizzie Ostrom of Odette Toilette, purveyor of olfactory adventures and author of ‘A Century of Scents’, for the event which will tell the tales of naughty debutants and scandalous affairs. Drinks suitable to the period will be available, and there will be a goody bag for each guest.

Tickets are available from the Wanstead Fringe site here.

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