Going by bus

This is becoming a more common sight in Wanstead than the W12. As a means of communication it might look blunt, but at least it’s hard for its target market (those who aren’t at home) to ignore.

And of course no one should underestimate just how powerful slogans written on the side of buses can be.

3 thoughts on “Going by bus”

  1. I saw this yesterday and wondered if the number on the side of the bus was the number of people in Redbridge that had died, or the current number tested positive. I think it’s a good idea.

    1. Exactly what Vgee said. Far better things to spend our money on than this to reduce the harm from Covid. Makes me wonder how this even got past the idea stage!

  2. Really this bus is a total waste of our council tax. Exactly how is it helping to keep people safe? We know the messages and the people who understand them do follow the rules. Those who don’t will not even read the wording because they don’t believe any rules refer to them!

    Many, including me, just look at it taking up precious parking spaces, it was even parked in a bus stop space recently, and roll their eyes at the ineffectiveness of the idea. Even your photo shows it parked partly on double yellow lines obscuring the exit from the dropped kerb!

    Surely the money it has cost could be spent in more useful ways, for example to employ people to clean up the discarded germ-laden masks and plastic gloves littering our streets and parks!

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