New job for Jo

Congratulations to Wanstead Village councillor Jo Blackman, who has been selected as the Redbridge cabinet member with responsibility for the environment and civic pride. This elevates her from being a green campaigner – she was one of those behind Redbridge’s declaration of a climate emergency – to a position where she should be able to influence some change.

One immediate issue she’s going to have to deal with is controversy over Redbridge plans to ban traffic from outside two Wanstead primary schools – Nightingale and Snaresbrook – for three hours each school day. It’s part of a scheme to reduce air pollution, reduce traffic from near schools, and encourage children to walk to school. But the devil will be in the details – perhaps especially when people have become so dependent on the delivery of nearly everything.

Good luck to her in her new role.

2 thoughts on “New job for Jo”

  1. Perhaps Jo Blackman will now take seriously the issue of dogs not on leads on Christchurch Green. She has failed to respond to emails on this issue so far.

  2. Well said. You’re absolutely right. Over the last two year’s, I have avoided taking my children (now 9 and 10 year’s old) to that park for fear of ignorant dog owners who freely allow their dogs to chase after, jump on and run up to myself and my children. No apologies for dirtying our clothes with their mucky paws, scaring my children but a matter of fact comment from the selfish owner about their ‘friendly’ dog. I’ll just get my horse to jump on you next time and say the same thing!

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