Good news for Nightingale Green

No sooner than Noel McMahon of the Nightingale pub had asked, on these pages, for help in tidying up Nightingale Green, than Wansteadium can bring the very welcome news that Redbridge council has secured £150,000 from Transport for London to improve the area.

The money will be spent on repaving the pavement outside the shops, on the corner around the pub, and all the way round the green. Other parts will have faux cobbles (tres rustique) installed. There will be seven new lampposts, and “junction protection measures” where Nightingale Green meets Eastway. It’s not clear from the papers, which are to be discussed by councillors at Monday’s Area One committee, what this means.

So Noel’s plea for volunteers to smarten up the green itself will be more welcome than ever.


7 thoughts on “Good news for Nightingale Green”

  1. Tfl haven’t quite got the austerity thing and last year’s (un-necessary) re-paving of one side of wanstead high street is another example. there like the little boy with his spending money burning a hole in his pocket.

    Christchurch Green play area is a dump, I agree.

    Jane; try Victoria Park in Hackney which has some excellent stuff for kids, and I mean really excellent.

  2. Jane – yep, I think the going rate for a bit of TFL-ordained green paint on the pavement/roadway is about 20 grand a metre – hence the ‘cycle lane’ outside Belgique etc.

    Same principle applies everywhere across ‘government’ and even in the heritage world – there is not a bean for ‘business as usual’ stuff but projects get more sponds than they can possibly handle .. once they’ve proved that they wouldn’t waste the largesse ..

  3. Any possibility of a TfL contribution towards sorting out the traffic mess at the top end of Nightingale Lane which has become a turning circle, a pick up point for the cash machine and a road far too wide to cross safely for young (Wanstead Church School) and old alike – something needs to be done before someone gets hurt.

  4. Would be nice to think that they will finish the job & do something with the quagmire of a green & the very very sad flower beds .
    I t really could be so nice with just a little imagination and care . Particularly from the inconsiderate Dog owners who refuse to pick up their Dogs mess that my Staff & myself do on pretty much a daily basis . Disgusting & inconsiderate

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