Great views of Wanstead from above

A still from  Haz Anwar's drone footage.
A still from Haz Anwar’s drone footage.

Not everyone likes the idea of drones, but there’s one thing they’re definitely good for: aerial photographs. Haz Anwar has posted on YouTube a video taken on George Green with a drone which gives excellent views of the green looking towards Cambridge Park.

It makes Wansteadium wonder… obviously there have been photographs of George Green taken from the sky. Just last week Tim Peake took a photograph from space which clearly showed Wanstead Flats (if you looked closely enough). But has a film of George Green ever been made from a few hundred feet high? Ever?

Well, whatever. Enjoy.

(Users of iPhones will need to click here to see the film.)

8 thoughts on “Great views of Wanstead from above”

    1. You just shot yourself in the foot Peter, if you measure it on a map he is +50m from the nearest house.

      Regardless of legality, I think this video is beautiful, even for test footage.

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