Love for flowers

12659615_10208474670965124_1703420953_nThe latest in our occasional series Wanstead is Made in Wanstead (subtly named to remind everyone of their part in sustaining Wanstead) is Valentine’s themed.

Daisy Hughes is the relatively new owner of the flower shop now known as Daisy (previously Flora). She writes: “I bought the shop in October 2014. I’d been working for the previous owner for about five years and when she said she wanted to sell I jumped at the chance. I love my job and am very lucky to be able to do something that I love so much.

“Over the past year I have changed the shop a little and introduced more modern and slightly different flowers. We still have all our regulars coming in and lots of people just come in for a chat which is great as we feel we are very much part of our lovely community. I have lived in Wanstead all my life and seen it change.  The high street is a great place but we all must support it.”






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