Wanstead, 1959-style

Wansteadium reader Sharon posted this on our Facebook page, writing: “Thought I would share this. This was my husband’s grandad’s building including Vane’s library (which he ran as a stationery shop) in Cambridge Park, taken January 1959.” 

Google Streetview

16 thoughts on “Wanstead, 1959-style”

  1. Growing up in Wanstead, I loved Vanes and used to go there to buy all sorts of crafty things like little squares of felt. Happy memories.

  2. Vanes had stopped being a library by the time I was old enough to notice, but sold books and other stationary items. It was the place to go to for everything like that and I still have a book I bought from there about 50 years ago.

  3. Wow – talk about blast from the past! Got my first fountain pen from Vanes….and a bottle of ink to re-fill it.

  4. So glad to see this photo — I remember Vanes well from the 1970s! As a schoolgirl, myself and a pal would love browsing through the shop; we bought stationery, binder folders for our girlish poetry projects, books, etc. A blast from the past. I’d forgotten exactly where it was but now I’m reminded, thanks so much for this. More pictures of Wanstead-past would be magnificent!

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