9 thoughts on “Old fish new fish”

  1. That sign is a disgrace, whoever designed it should be ashamed as should be the owners of the fish shop. Less is often more. Another nail in the coffin for Wanstead High Street, I’m sure I saw a doner kebab sign lurking somewhere as well as I walked by earlier. There should be more of a conservative standard in a conservation area, otherwise it will soon be like Forest Gate. How that Gezi Park got away with their signage is a mystery, it is a shame that so many shops, like the old Threshers seem not to be bothered about making the area look shabby and trashy.

  2. Yet another trash shop in Wanstead High Street. Not only is the Lighthouse sign a disgrace but the quality is no where near what is was, the prices have gone up and the portion size gone down!! Wanstead High Street should reflect the people who live in and around Wanstead – maybe it does??? All I know that after twenty eight years of living here I now choose to shop elsewhere as to be frank I’m getting a little ashamed of saying I live in Wanstead. There are a number of new shops that have really made the effort e.g. The Closet and Wanstead Fish but Gezi Park and The Lighthouse – what next? When Harvey’s sell up fruit in plastic bowls!!! Watch this space.

  3. Absolutely hideous sign. I thought such garish neon was prohibited in the conservation area? Gezi Park (which is an abomination) has obviously set a precedent. Where’s the Wanstead Society when you need them? Regarding the new owners of the shop – portions are as large as ever, but the quality is not so good. We aren’t using it anywhere near so much, and now the sign has gone up, probably not at all. Every time I approach it, it has a sort-of repellent effect. Can we please have some business owners who do have a clue?

  4. “We want an independent high street” we all cry.

    “We don’t want the chains moving in” We all fear.

    What, 2 small independent companies put up signs that have upset a couple because they don’t have the marketing knowhow/budget of the commercial chains so we stop using them?


    If we want independent shops we must understand that they are run by people who may not have the same colour scheme ideas as us. BIG DEAL. Gezi park is always busy and now gives food to the homeless. What a great establishment. But heaven forbid the font is the wrong colour, they be dammed!

    I’d rather 10 independents with a slightly iffy sign than 1 chain-coffee-clone-paynotax that does nothing for the local community. But hey, if the sign is ok, then that’s all fine then.

    Seriously, perspective people.

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