Greengrocer makes name for self

So the greengrocer on Wanstead High Street is called Harveys. Who knew? A new sign has gone up above the shop, proudly pointing out that it was established in 1969 (just like Gap).

It’s simple, and has won the support of the Wanstead-based Smarter High Street campaign, which points out: “Peter Harvey’s been run off his feet since he opened his greengrocery in 1969. So busy that he didn’t get around to putting a sign up.”

Wansteadium is a bit wistful that there are no greengrocer’s apostrophes on the sign, but then one does expect above average of Wanstead.

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  1. Yes, it’s very smart. Trouble is, it *does* need an apostrophe – unless it means everyone in the shop’s called Harvey, which may be the case. Right, pedantic mode off.

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