The UFOs are back in Wanstead

Cue eyeball-rolling: UFO sightings have returned to Wanstead.

On the UK UFO Sightings website, a reported sighting on Thursday evening reads:

I was just looking out of the bedroom window when I saw a very bright white light and a sound that I did not recognise. I kept my eyes fixed on the object and it came closer overhead at great speed, the sound was uniform unlike a plane when flying. It was a disc shape and was huge. I could clearly see two lit windows encompassing most of the top of the object it was a very bright white light. This was most definately NOT a plane or an helicopter. It was moving at great speed -very different to a plane.

A commenters on the site says it’s the second recent sighting “of this object with what appear to be windows on it”.

Eyeballs at ease.

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