Gridlock again

Good news for drivers as the Hermon Hill roadworks finally end. But bad news – on Wednesday night at least – when the whole of Wanstead seemed to be completely gridlocked.



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  1. Not sure… Interested to know more about your incident, John Ryan. Any other reports of road rage?

  2. Not been great all day.

    Something wrong with south/East bound 406 around lunchtime.

    New applicants for Aldersbrook Primary? 😉

  3. Caused by A406 closure (accident requiring re-surfacing) between Redbridge Roundabaout and M11.

    Thankfully I was warned by a local friend, so left the car at Bishops Stortford (where I work) and took the train home!

  4. … The answer is all get out of your cars and use the tube, walk, cycle, simples!!

  5. Thanks for that 640trevor. It also explains why the High Street was jammed solid yesterday lunchtime perhaps with a lots of heavy lorries.

    1. Not only that but the queue I saw outside the station was full of single occupancy cars.

  6. My wife had to abandon the car near Jet petrol station on lonsdale road after she picked up the kids form the school and walked home. We had to pick up the car around 9.

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