Grim phone

Woe betide anyone who needs to make a phone call while out in Wanstead and doesn’t have a mobile with them. The absolute state of the phone box – which has actually deteriorated since these photos were taken – is a disgrace. The phone itself is useless, the cubicle is a health hazard, and the noble idea of providing public access phones seems to have lost its point.

3 thoughts on “Grim phone”

  1. Wonder when ANYONE last used one to actually make a call. Perhaps it could be turned into a self serve coffee machine.

  2. Anyone know how long the eyesore where joliffes used to be is going on for until its finished? It really does lower the whole tone of the area. I’m surprised the council approved it in the first place. I’ve has numerous comments from visitors one saying it is a monstrous carbunkle on the landscspecwhich I think is an apt description

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