If you’re on this site, you’ll be aware that we like to note new signs on shops in Wanstead. We make no apology for this (so if your reaction, having come to this site, is to object to us writing about a new sign, then you really should take a look at yourself rather than add a comment to this post which says something like “Have you got nothing better to be interested in? You’re utterly pathetic” We’re not. YOU are).

So nice to see the new sign over the beautician now known as Polished, and even nicer to note that it complies completely with the rules for signs on High Street shops (which state that it should not be “internally lit”, a rule which seems to be more honoured in the breach than the observance).

And for those keeping count of Wanstead shops which have French names, please remove Click Beautique from the list.

(Just FYI, the list currently includes: Beauté Parfaite, Provender, Café Brasserie, Jo Jo Maman Bébé, Le Marmiton, La Bakerie, and Le Voyage.)

3 thoughts on “Nice”

  1. I share your interest in shop signs, so thanks.
    however, the guide recommends hand painted signage which does look (even) better.

  2. Surely La Bakerie shouldn’t be included either, as the only French word there is ‘La’… ;o)

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