Guerrilla gardening second wave

Marian Temple writes:

For those not in the know, we have permission from the council to adopt patches in the Wanstead station surround where shrubs have died and sow, plant, weed, whatever is needed to make it a more pleasant/interesting place for commuters to do their commuting. All part of the “Cheer Up Sad Patches of Public Soil” campaign.

News from the front. The seeds sown have determinedly not germinated, no doubt biding their time to surprise us later. Most of the plants we put in are either ok(ish) or thriving. Look for the foxgloves in flower behind the manky litter bin. Now it’s time for a weed massacre.

Thistle Bash and Bindweed Pull. This is what’s lined up for Sunday. Pulling ribbons of bindweed off the shrubs (really therapeutic!) and cutting thistles off at the roots to prevent them flowering and seeding. (What spoilsports we are!) Also a bit of a litter pick. No need to know anything about gardening, kids welcome. Bring gardening gloves, secateurs if you have ‘em, if not, just bring yourselves for a fun morning of destruction in the name of beautifying Wanstead.

Sunday 22nd June 10.30 onwards at Wanstead Station. See you there