15 thoughts on “Hands up… Who saw this coming?”

  1. I feel very sorry for the long -established salons who have faced goodness knows how many new salons opening in the last 3 years. They are all eating out of the same trough and there can only be so much business to go around.

  2. Honestly, these salons certainly have no impact on my salon Zoology and I’m sure Biyoni and Enigma feel the same, in fact the opposite! ❤️ colour corrections!

  3. Better to have another beauty salon than an empty shop. By the way the pet shop referred to is now thriving with a mixture of pets, knitting wool and other household items. And the owner is always happy to go on line to order one off items.
    Perhaps we should be aware that Wanstead is a mixture of older people who have lived here for many years and those who work in the City and enjoy it at the weekend.

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