Harvey’s. Wow.

Harvey’s, Wanstead’s new old greengrocer, is now fully open, and don’t the shoppers of the High Street know it. The queue for the till snaked right round the shop on Saturday morning as people of all ages tried out the offering.

The interior is bare brick with decorations made from the old Harvey’s red shutter. Fruit and veg are piled into wooden boxes with brown paper bags on hand. There were fifteen different types of tomato, four kinds of courgette, exotic things as yet unidentified and wide range of pasta, oils and herbs. Fresh dates too. The shop is promising long opening hours which helps make this a truly exciting development. The only thing missing is some greengrocer’s apostrophe’s.

11 thoughts on “Harvey’s. Wow.”

  1. How Wanstead has changed in the last 20 years. Fantastic fresh fish shop…check, wonderful butcher’s…check, and now a greengrocer that puts all the supermarkets to shame…check. How about a really good deli (one that isn’t a coffee shop pretending to be a deli)? The only sad thing is the lack of appetite for a decent newsagent in Wanstead, but maybe that’s just a sign of the times.

  2. I’d like a proper cheese shop similar to the stall at the farmers market but a permanent fixture. Or even a proper family run bakers. Loving the new additions though!

  3. Finally, an article about “food in Wanstead” that is something other than another stream of pictures of meat. 😉

    I’m not bashing meat eaters but it sometimes seems like everything written about Wanstead dining is a celebration of tenderly cooked pig’s face and place that have no problem serving fois gras….

  4. An attractive shop and great for the area but it is a shame that they can’t do fresh organic vegetables because the wholesale suppliers are too far away to make it worthwhile for them to stock (according to them).

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