Here comes Domino’s…

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.56.46Domino’s Pizza has applied to open a branch in the old Dunhuang Chinese takeaway at the top of the High Street. A sign in the window announces the application to Redbridge Council for opening until midnight.


The last Wanstead heard of Domino’s was in 2013 when it was applying to take on what is now Long Horn. At the time there was much opposition on the grounds of potential traffic disruption, and the application was withdrawn.

(Thanks Tom King.)


39 thoughts on “Here comes Domino’s…”

  1. This is old news, guys. The name was all over the shopfitters’ plans clearly visible from the street a couple of months ago. I did tell you…

  2. Yay! Plus Subway is imminent. Finally units that are in use and not empty.

    Highstreet will start to look tidy again.

    Oh and don’t forget the new Thai Restaurant where Roast was.

    For the haters, don’t use it. Simple.

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