Hey, Prezzo coming to Wanstead?

© Geoff Wilkinson
© Geoff Wilkinson

Rumours are still spreading that pizza chain Prezzo is to open a branch at the former Conservative headquarters on Wanstead High Street (the building with the bust of Winston Churchill outside).

Though not confirmed, the move would make a certain sense. The company is still expanding, having opened a number of restaurants including Chingford at the end of last year, and now has 120 branches across the country.

And the factor seeming to make sense is that the company prides itself on opening in buildings which are “listed or of particular local significance“. The 18th century mansion, historically known as Manor House, is mentioned in W.V. Phillips’ Wanstead Through the Ages. Phillips, writing in 1949, says that while other historic houses in Wanstead were covered with a “soulless facade of shopfronts”, Manor House – which was by then tenanted by the Conservative Club – had “a reasonable chance of of being preserved for a little while longer from the unblushing assaults of the houebreakers or converters”.

He added that the house had two storeys with cellars and attics, and are enriched inside by “much fine panelling”. It was the base for Winston Churchill’s local party while he was MP for Wanstead and Woodford. Churchill died in 1965, and the bust was erected the following year.

That probably qualifies for Prezzo’s criteria, as does the availability of off-street parking. Comparing other local branches (Chingford and South Woodford) only makes the suspicions stronger.

Wansteadium has contacted the company to ask them if they can confirm the rumours.

New branch of Prezzo in Chingford
New branch of Prezzo in Chingford




7 thoughts on “Hey, Prezzo coming to Wanstead?”

  1. I really hope this comes to fruition … Wanstead could really do with a good, fair priced restaurant that’s family friendly and the food at Prezzo’s is usually great.

  2. Hmm… I’ve never been impressed by Prezzo and I hope it doesn’t put too much pressure on Gioberti, whose pizzas I rate above any of the chains.

  3. Have to agree with Sean on this one. Had some fair & bad meals at Prezzo. As I have said before, I hope that their 2 for 1 offers don’t have too much impact on Gioberti’s. Also it is part of another chain which (after Starbucks & Costa Coffee) continues the trend of homogenising our high street.

    1. Ha! Touche. But Wansteadium can’t be the only one to have thought that Winifred could be a boy’s or a girl’s name, can it?

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