Letter to Wansteadium: The Wanstead Yeti

Wansteadium reader Gabrielle Collard, a usually reliable source, writes: 

“Has anyone else noticed the yeti like cries echoing out of Wanstead? Usually in the afternoons, it sounds Chewbacca belching after a heavy meal. Sounds like it’s coming from the end of Nightingale Lane.”

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Anonymous writes:

Not only have we heard it, but we have seen it. Definitely frightens the wife. Also has been known to wander streets of Wanstead shirtless in summer. Often seen ‘presumably foraging for scraps’ near Toms corner shop in Wellesley Rd.


2 thoughts on “Letter to Wansteadium: The Wanstead Yeti”

  1. There were two sightings of “The Wanstead Bigfoot” in 2008. An angler near Hollow Ponds saw a strange dark figure, around four feet tall, resembling an upright bear. A week later something similar was spotted by a lady in a pub car park in Woodford Green. Perhaps this is the source of the strange cries. No doubt in five years it has grown to full size. Perhaps this is the mating season for bigfoots.

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