House monitor: Before and after


Impressive-looking renovation on this magnificent house on Grosvenor Road. We reported just over a year ago that the very run-down property had been sold with an asking price of £1.2m. It was billed as an “extremely rare opportunity to acquire one of the last remaining mid-Victorian character townhouses in Wanstead”, and from the outside at least it looks like a job well done.


4 thoughts on “House monitor: Before and after”

  1. Fabulous, and long overdue.

    Can we also have a pic of the lovely new house approaching completion in St Marys Ave? Great, modern design in keeping with the vernacular of the original houses. A refreshing change from other blots on the landscape that have gone up (and are going up) in the neighbourhood.

  2. I live opposite a young couple have brought it they are keeping as a house not flats the builders have done a good job

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