Hygiene ratings for Wanstead restaurants

sukibigSuki Orange – Wansteadium’s food blogger – writes:
The Guardian (the real one, not the Wanstead one) has published a map of all food hygiene ratings in England, and as far as the eateries on Wanstead High Street are concerned it’s looking pretty good. Only two restaurants seem to have failed to get a 5 rating (ie full marks) – and they were the little lamented Bipasha on Nightingale Lane, which has now become Deshi Spice, and Purbani on the High Street which is still open but scored a 2 in the tests. It’s fair to say the tests are somewhat historical, having been conducted in 2011, but all the information comes from the Food Standard Agency.

Wansteadium reader Dan Lane emailed to say: “Naturally, I checked out the places along Wanstead high street first and I’m please to say pretty much everyone scored a five. The only place to fail was Purbani with a score of two, which is ironic as it always smells of bleach whenever I go in.”


You can have a good rummage round for yourself at the Guardian Datablog here.

10 thoughts on “Hygiene ratings for Wanstead restaurants”

  1. I’m surprised and disappointed about Purbani, which isn’t a bad little restaurant. Let’s hope they have got their act together since the last inspection.

  2. Wow, 2 stars for Pirbani!

    I like the place, plus the kitchen is in full view and seems clean enough..
    Granted only ever had take-away bar one occasion when we stumbled in a bit drunk….

  3. I haven’t been back to Purbani when they refused to serve tap water on our table. Six of us were eating so we were spending a fair amount.

  4. Good news that Wanstead News gets a 5 star rating. Must go back there, I’ve not eaten one of their newspapers for a while.

  5. Good to see those top eateries, Aldersbrook Bowls Club and the Esso Petrol Station on Aldersbrook Road getting top marks. Restores my faith in this sort of rating.

  6. I go into purbani often on a Friday, a regular customer, and I think that their food and services are amazing, think they deserve more stars, and not to be discriminated by a blog ?

    1. No discrimination, we assure you. Just reporting the figures. Wansteadium is officially impartial as to which is the best restaurant in Wanstead.

  7. I agree with Wansteadium, there’s no discrimination and aren’t punters entitled to this very important information?

  8. Deshi Spice ( nee Bipasha) – we have been going there for years and never have had a bad meal – the owner Mr Ray has always looked after us and our friends/guests /family who all love going there. It might be stuck down side turning, but give it a go, it’s worth it. A five star recommendation!

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