Introducing the ‘Visit Wanstead’ challenge

Lonely Planet has just published a timely volume – a tour guide to Stratford and East London. With millions of visitors in town, and the eyes of the world on East London, one might think it was just the time for such a work to mention the wonders of Wanstead (even if only in passing).

But no – an initial eager check of the index shows no mentions of Wanstead. An incredulous full search of the entire text turns up nothing.

So this is the time for Wanteadium readers to rally to the cause and put it right. By the end of the week, let’s assemble a ten-point list of reasons one might want to visit Wanstead. Please send suggestions to wansteadium[at], to @wansteadium on Twitter, or via comments below. Consider it a 2012 challenge.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the ‘Visit Wanstead’ challenge”

  1. I’ll start you off with the Nightingale, a fantastic local pub in which to contemplate and rub shoulders with the neighbours …

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