Introducing the Wanstead Magazine Club


We’re delighted to introduce another innovation for E11- the Wanstead Magazine Club. Inspired by the swap box in the library (which, since we highlighted it two weeks ago has been full to overflowing), the club is now spreading the joy.

First venue to join is the Larder, and we hope others will follow. The idea is simple: instead of throwing interesting magazines away, we share them with other Wanstead folk. Anyone is free to keep (or donate) magazines, and we’re especially keen to hear from anyone who would like to help organise.

20121028-110029.jpgMore details are here: Wanstead Magazine Club. And let us know what you think here, at Wanstead Talk.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Wanstead Magazine Club”

  1. spreads the joy ,yes but also the germs ;just remembering what I read a week or too ago about all the germs around!
    don’t panic!

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