Wansteadium quiz I: The answer

Last week we launched an occasional feature, the Wansteadium Quiz. Satisfyingly there were no correct answers, though on reflection we think we might have got the question slightly wrong. The question was: If Wanstead is Beijing, what is Snaresbrook?

The answer is Hiroshima since those are the two stations which take Wanstead and Snaresbrook’s place on designer Mark Ovenden‘s Tube Map of the World (more details on the map here). The question was probably a bit too obscure, and since we got the stations wrong (you’ll see that Snaresbrook is really Beijing and Wanstead is really Hiroshima) there’s no demerit on Wansteadium readers for not getting it right.

We’ll try harder next time. Everyone is free to claim one point.