Introducing ‘Wanstead is made in Wanstead’

wansteadismadeinwansteadThe butchers might have closed. But readers of this site seem determined not to let Wanstead die and ready to pledge to support local businesses. So Wansteadium is going to play its part by starting a regular feature – Wanstead is made in Wanstead – about people who are making stuff, selling things, or offering services. In fact anyone who is helping to make Wanstead.

Hopefully, armed with information, Wansteadium readers will be able to make good local choices and play their part too. The first instalment, featuring Wanstead’s new optician Greg Etkin, will appear here on Thursday. And if you would like to draw a bit of attention to your business, drop us a line at

And yes, the Wanstead is made in Wanstead logo was made in Wanstead. Could you tell?


8 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Wanstead is made in Wanstead’”

  1. It would be good if a history of the small private companies [And their backgrounds] could be done such as the Barbers in Woodbine place, Judith’s-the woman’s clothes shop and The Orange tree on a regular basis-not just the older ones but ALL the small private ones and possibly try to form a group of people who could help to give publicity to these places.
    Finally contact the local MP to see what[If anything he can do]about the rising cost of rents and rates in the area

  2. Hi, Not sure how you want Wansteaders to let you know about great local businesses but I want to recommend Graham and his partner from G.R. Window Cleaning for excellent service. Graham phones me to make an appointment to visit and he cleans windows at the front and back of the house for a very reasonable price. He gave me a brilliant tip which I want to pass on: He noticed that we had a lot of condensation on the inside of the windows and recommended I buy a Karcher window vac to suck up the liquid and solve the problem. It worked a treat – try it.
    Thank you Wansteadium for starting this campaign.

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