17 thoughts on “Mystery photo: Where… when?”

  1. Fairly certain that’s not the corner of Chester & Mansfield Roads. I live in Chester Rd and have just been out to compare the building (now the ekectrical contractors office) with the picture and it doesn’t seem to fit with distance from the road.

  2. It’s not corner of Mansfield Road and Chester Road, but might be corners of the roads were Gardner Close is now I think there was Hall Road and Tilney Road, as there was a Bakery on the corner of Mansfield Road and what was then George Lane

  3. Looks a bit like the antique shop on corner Victoria road in south woodford
    If you follow the one way system round after viaduct?

  4. I lived in Mansfield road -Not Mansfield road for sure -that was a dairy -the horse was stabled behind .

    There was a corner shop on corner of Chester and Camden but it only had a window at front .

    The shop opposite the cuckfield was the united dairy

  5. Love all this detective work!! So it’s likely to be between 58 and 73 if we go by the ice-cream. It’s not the shop opposite the Cuckfield as the one in the picture is single storey. I’m wondering about Mansfield road too. And it’s a warm day because the windows are open

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