Knife incident on High Street

img_20161108_162443Police attended what an eye-witness described as a “knife incident” outside the Tesco Express on Wanstead High Street at 4pm on Tuesday.

The witness, a Wansteadium reader, said the police had “several ruffians in handcuffs” and that there were several police cars in attendance.

19 thoughts on “Knife incident on High Street”

  1. I saw one ‘ruffian’ being handcuffed outside Tesco. No sign of any others.
    It looked to me like one of those characters who normally sit outside the shop begging.

  2. It’s a sad state of affairs that Wanstead is now not only full of ruffians but scallywags, ne’er-do-wells, rapscallions, blighters and rowdy reprobates!

    If I see any of them I shall head for the nearest Police Box and call a Constable!

  3. I was absolutely nowhere near this spot about that same time and saw absolutely nothing – glad they caught them – this is getting reported more and more and more

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