Snaresbrook… you’re fired

Snaresbrook will cease to exist – at least as a formal local government entity – following revised proposals on Redbridge’s council boundaries.

The proposal from the Boundary Commission will mean that what has until now been Snaresbrook ward will be divided between South Woodford and a new Wanstead Village ward. The previous set of proposals published earlier this year would have meant “South Woodford and Snaresbrook” being a new ward, but that idea has now been dropped.

Streets around the south end of Hermon Hill as far up as Snaresbrook primary school will now be part of Wanstead Village rather than South Woodford. And roads towards Charlie Brown Roundabout will now be part of South Woodford rather than Wanstead Village.

The dividing line between the two wards is a bit fiddly, but this map indicates where it comes.

One aspect of the proposal which has not been welcomed is the size of the council. Wansteadium reader and local government watcher Clive Power has tweeted that since Redbridge has seen a 19% increase in population over the past five years it needs an increase in the number of councillors.

The full details of the proposal can be seen here at the Local Government Boundary Commission website.

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  1. If you listen carefully, you can hear those who live near to South Woodford station breathe a huge sigh of relief, as they no longer have to admit that they actually live in Roding…

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