Letter to Wansteadium: A ‘Residents Parking’ winner writes

Wansteadium reader ‘Mystery Crew’ writes:

I am a long term resident in the WB parking zone [which includes Cambridge Pk Rd, Chaucer Rd, Dangan Rd, Gordon Rd and Spratt Hall Rd] that voted against the parking restrictions in their current format but agreed with many of my neighbours that some type of restrictions was required to deter commuters – just less draconian measures than those implemented by the Council.

However in a lot of the various debates on this issue there has been little mention of how the parking issue has escalated over the years. There are a number of key events that happened, after each event the parking problems in the WB zone deteriorated. These events are primarily the introduction of the WA Controlled Parking Zone around Wanstead Tube station, the introduction of single yellow lines and free bays on the other side of the high street, the reduction of parking spaces on New Wanstead for safety and traffic calming measures, the inclusion of WB streets on a “where to park in London” website and – for those of us who remember that far back – Cambridge Park being rebuilt with no parking at all.

Consequently the only free unrestricted parking anywhere near the High Street fell on the WB zone. I do hope that something is done to ensure there is more parking for shoppers etc. available close to the high street but focusing exclusively on the WB zone feels a tad mean-spirited when WB zone was the last to fall to the temptation of parking restrictions. Any review of the parking pressures should look at Wanstead as a whole and not piecemeal in the way the council has done in the past.

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