The beauties of Wanstead get recognised at last

photo 1 (4)Feels pretty good, huh? To live in a place which is in the Top 10 Best Places to Live, as determined by the Sunday Times, no less?

There it is, in black, blue and white. Wanstead, number 10. In the company of Stockbridge (‘foodie’), Kentish Town (‘fashionable’), Durham (‘perfect’) and Bath (‘bonnets’). Yes! Little Wanstead in such illustrious company.

There are a few caveats though. This Top 10 is labelled “Best of the Rest”, meaning it comes after the paper has identified the Top 10 in lots of other categories, like Best for Families, Best for Outdoors, Best for Millionaires, Best for Schools etc. So that clouds it a little bit. But let’s put that to one side – and examine what actually the authors (hello, @TheSTHome) actually liked.

photo 2 (4)

Well the top bit is just about spot on, no? Middle England… village green… tennis courts… Chichi deli… good State schools… The property prices a touch out of date, maybe, maybe by 10 years or so.


9 thoughts on “The beauties of Wanstead get recognised at last”

    1. Does it come across like that? Sorry if it does – but that Chas and Dave line is a low blow. You’re right though, this is a great thing.
      PG. Wansteadium must brush up on cultural references of 1982.

  1. Hmmm, Chas and Dave

    Maybe the journal had lunch at the Pie and Mash Shop and picked up a glittering dress at Judith of Wanstead?

  2. I would like to upgrade a little from my one bed basement flat in Acton, on market at £360 and wonder if I could get anything better, ie two beds, in Wanstead?
    I have heard it’s quite nice up there, I will come and have a look, but what have the locals got to say? Best Wishes, Happy NY

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