Wanstead weekend photo, XXII

© Geoff Wilkinson, who writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “I am lucky enough to have a copy of Baedeker’s 1905 ‘London and its Environs’, it’s full of fascinating facts. For instance you could get a room with bath at the Savoy Hotel for 9 shillings and 6 pence – about £27:24 in today’s money. Page 435 describes an excursion on Great Eastern Railway to Epping and beyond that passes through Snaresbrook and mentions the Infant Orphan Asylum ‘with accommodation for 300 children’ and Wanstead Park ‘(184 acres) in which is a heronry’ and finally Wanstead Flats – ‘another public park’. It’s so interesting, I wish the writer had lingered a little longer in Wanstead.”