Letter to Wansteadium: Anyone remember Wanstead Prep?

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Wansteadium reader Kerry Renshaw writes:

Hi Wansteadium,
I’d be delighted to know if any of your readers remember the old Wanstead Prep School, which stood on Hermon Hill, near the junction with Nelson Road. The back entrance of the school was on Wellington Rd. It closed in 1954, and I then moved on to Snaresbrook College not far from the old Majestic Cinema. At age 11 I moved on to Wanstead High School, in 1957. Both my brother and I attended Wanstead Prep and if any reader knows or remembers anything about the school I would be delighted to hear! (PS I now live in Reading but like to keep in touch with dear old Wanstead).
Kerry Renshaw

Over to you.