4 thoughts on “Letter to Wansteadium: Help save the Odeon”

  1. Sad, but the cinema has been dying for several years since Sainsburys introduced automatic number plate reader (ANPR) It allways used to be south woodford’s saving grace that you could park in the sainsburys particularly after hours which was why it stayed open when others such as gants hill closed down. The Council doesn’t help either not allowing onstreet parking for more than 2 hours even on a Sunday and the nearest place to park is half way down the drive. Why not use public transport well the W12 comes only twice an hour and the last time I tried that we were standing in the rain for 30 mins. So much easier to go to Lea Valley and quicker to get back home.

  2. The loss of the Odeon will create social isolation to the many people who use it

    Also the loss of this asset will make the community poorer and more like an out of town housing estate

  3. Really? Have no interest in saving this decrepid dump. Went recently, it was in a disgusting state, the staff were vile (one staff member actually shushed me for asking why they didn’t have any popcorn). Yep, no popcorn. And as for the seats, I’ve sat on more comfortable rocks. See ya 🙋‍♀️

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