Lights on early

Newcomers to Wanstead will need to know about a quaint tradition we have in these parts in which every aspect of the Christmas Tree on George Green, opposite Wanstead Tube station, is picked apart in minute detail. The size, the shape, the functioningness of the bulbs, the similarity (or not) to badgers etc etc.

And while we fully expect that tradition to be maintained, there is a notable change to tradition this year: the lights will be turned on with children singing TONIGHT, THURSDAY, from 4pm. (The ceremony usually takes place on Friday, but not this year.)

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5 thoughts on “Lights on early”

  1. Is it badger style? My hopes have been raised by the poster/flyer which shows lights going around the tree.

    On the plus side, at least Facebook didn’t go down because of all those hits on the live feed.

    Just a thought, but we could always light it up in October next year if it is more convenient for our Councillors.

    This isn’t Regent Street.

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