A bid for Redbridge

Redbridge is bidding to become London’s first Borough of Culture in a new competition being run by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The competition would see a prize of a million pounds in funding for cultural activities and would bring a London-wide focus to events in the winning area.

Some of London’s leading arts organisations, including the Tate and Shakespeare’s Globe, have said they will partner with the winning borough to stage events.

As part of the preparation of the bid, Redbridge is asking for ideas for cultural development – which can be submitted via the bid’s website, thisisredbridge.org or via Twitter with the hashtag#thisisredbridge.

Thanks to its involvement in the Wanstead Fringe, Wansteadium reckons a good supporting role could be played by what goes on here (and will be suggesting that if a planning proposal were ever approved for the Evergreen Field, it should include provision for a flexible arts & cultural events space).

2 thoughts on “A bid for Redbridge”

  1. I very much hope the council that wins is Redbridge, or somewhere similar. It would be a waste if it went to Waltham Forest or the like who have a thriving arts scene and are also bidding.

    I think that is a good idea about the Evergreen field. It would also be good, locally, if empty shops could be brought into shortlife use to display art, etc e.g. the former bank windows. I would also like to see the Redbridge Drama Centre better promoted (the scheme to offer a free bus to/from Ilford for a recent show was a good idea.)

    I have posted my ideas to the bid website. They can be seen in full at my Twitter account but I think Redbridge should try and develop a specific arts hub, better use ‘Redbridge Purple’ (think of ‘Brighton Blue/Green’) and change its name – no-one from elsewhere knows where Redbridge (or Havering, or maybe Newham) are – to the London Borough of Ilford. .

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