Lost property alert

  People people, someone really needs to take more care of their belongings. Just a few weeks after someone mislaid a fridge by Forest School, now someone’s lost two mattresses, half a dozen bags of rubbish and a broken hula hop on Nelson Road. If they are yours, you can reclaim them safely. 

UPDATE Thursday 2100: The property appears to have been claimed. Well done to its original owners (or more likely the Redbridge Anti Fly-tipping team).

5 thoughts on “Lost property alert”

  1. I love these satirical stories.

    Funny how we never post about the Foxes who destroy bin bags all over Wanstead on a nightly basis leaving a trail of rotten food and mess behind all because the council refuse to give a proper refuse solution.
    If it is good enough for the Foxes then what harm is a mattress or two going to do?

    Does anyone know what size they are (the mattresses), we are in need of some new ones!

    I do have a great idea though. The empty units on the High Street, open them as lost property shops with mislaid household items that are find… If they are not claimed within 2 weeks then give them away.

  2. Make’s me so mad……….Ask LBR Cleansing to search through the bags…people are often daft enough to leave some evidence of name/address.

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