McDonalds in Wanstead: No

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McDonalds has told Wansteadium it has no plans to open a takeaway in Wanstead “now, or in the near future”.

Sainsbury’s earlier told Wansteadium that it was reviewing its options for the conversion of the former Barclays Bank site after it found the necessary construction work would be more extensive than it originally thought.

The supermarket said it was still developing its plans for Wanstead. Rumours had been circulating that the site had been sold to the burger chain, but this is now clearly off the menu.


35 thoughts on “McDonalds in Wanstead: No”

    1. I don’t think Peter it’s so much about being a snob. I don’t live in Wanstead now but was born there and lived there until I was 13. I still visit regularly, I was there on Saturday and I do think there are already a lot of places to eat although Wanstead has maintained it’s charm. Can’t think offhand what shop is needed but I do remember when Lewis Marine (the boat shop) was there .. that always seemed somewhat out of place, Woolworths and the Piano Shop towards Snaresbrook x

    2. It’s not really being snob is it, it’s not your usual “village” tenancy and do we need an excuse to have the High St and Nightingale more hellish with traffic etc….additionally it’s not particularly healthy and if you live in Wanstead and want that offer, then walk, cycle to Leytonstone.

  1. More like ‘out will come the herds of school kids’ it’s nothing to do with snobs I don’t think… be nice just to have a decent shop here of some sort rather than another eatery 😕

  2. We have Costa and Starbucks; arguably very much the latter day McDonalds.

    Besides I quite like the odd Sausage McMuffin.

  3. To Martin Talbot, I’m not sure why you would think the Oxfam Bookshop isn’t “a proper” bookshop… 🙁 It’s brilliant.

  4. I’ve just emailed Wholefoods Market to suggest they open a store on the high street. If anyone agrees, do the same please. Well, it worked with Ginger Pig, so worth a try…

  5. Do we all seem to miss that the simple economic law of supply and demand works in Wanstead as well as it does anywhere else. If you want to berate nail bars and bookmakers cropping up don’t give you them your custom. Clearly people do so they survive. I too would like a nirvana of middle class restaurants and M&S food but it doesn’t always work that way. Stop spending your hard earned pound in these places and they will gradually disappear or you could, of course, waste time wistfully whinging about why Waitrose has opened a lovely little store in our “village”…..

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