Sainsbury’s ‘not proceeding’ with Wanstead plan


Updated 1.50pm

Sainsbury’s has decided “not to proceed” with its plan to open a branch in Wanstead, a source has told Wansteadium, though the supermarket says it is continuing to consider future options for the site.

The supermarket chain had been expected to open a branch in the former Barclays bank on Wanstead High Street by Christmas last year. However it discovered that the necessary construction work would be more extensive than it first thought.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are continuing to develop our plans for a new convenience store in Wanstead.”

The spokesperson added that, following the assessment of the site, the company is reviewing its plans and considering a number of future options for a store on the site.

The statement may go some way to end rumours which are circulating that the property has been bought by McDonalds. We have contacted McDonalds for comment.

If the rumours were true, however, the burger chain would have to apply to Redbridge for “change of use” permission – and this is not automatically granted. In 2012 an application to convert the Wanstead Domestic Appliances shop into a takeaway was rejected by the council which said the conversion would “contribute to the further decline in the attractiveness and function of this area as a shopping centre”. Parents of children at Wanstead Church School also opposed the change.

The factors the council would take into account, if an application was made, would include the proximity to other takeaways, the overall number on the high street, and the general character of the area.


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  1. I have it on good authority that there is another good store coming to Wanstead…. Not just any food store…. Not sure if in this location though.

  2. I can’t see the council allowing a McDonald’s on the high-street, hardly in keeping with the area. If I had the money I’d turn it into a shop selling pinball machines and other retro goodies 🙂

  3. Karen, there were rumours of that a while a go but I don’t think so. No real positive info on that one unfortunately. I have asked some senior staff at the George, but even they seem to have no clue.

  4. we absolutely need NO MORE PUBS BARS OR EATING ESTABLISHMENTS in Wanstead.. nearly ALL palates are catered for in Wanstead already. As for food outlets.. really..?.. same reason as no more pubs or bars.. I like Jamie McDonalds idea for a retro shop.. I think that is fantastic.. !!!!..

    1. Got plenty of card shops already – and no one visited the toy store when the Snaresbrook one was open. Prime location = high rent so got to be something with a proven track record.

  5. Like everything else, what developments there are on the High Street will depend on the economy. If the country commits economic suicide on the 23rd and votes to leave, the only news a year on will be what is closing – not what is opening. Unless any local insolvency practitioner is looking for premises, that is.

  6. …actually, whilst I would hate a MaccyDees on the High St, a high quality burger takeaway would be good. There is very little for a post pub late evening nosh around here, other than Papa Johns, which is appalling. I doubt Wanstead is sufficiently hipster for Patty & Bun, however. I wouldn’t object to a Byron.

  7. This ongoing story truly sums up Wanstead residents, wether in a positive or negative light you decide:

    “Boo Hiss” – Multi National Supermarket Chain Sainsbury’s proposes to open store on Wanstead High Street.

    “Hooray” – Multi National Supermarket Chain Sainsbury’s now likely not to open store on Wanstead High Street.

    “Oh How Delightful” – Multi National Supermarket Chain M&S Food possibly may open a store on Wanstead High Street.

    “Wouldn’t it be wonderful” – If Multi National Supermarket Chain Waitrose could open a store on Wanstead High Street.

    All topped off by gasps of over excitement and rapture that the rather overpriced Butchers chain Ginger Pig are moving onto Wanstead High Street.

    1. You forgot to mention the despair and outrage of the family owned butchers which closed and was then quickly forgotten when the words “Ginger Pig” were whispered!!!

  8. Well we seem to have dismissed every type of retail unit..
    So let’s keep it empty and an eyesore. That seems to be the only solution to keep you all happy.

    It has been said many times.. Talk with your feet. If you do not like whatever takes over then do not shop or go in there.

    It is on a main road, school children generate a lot of revenue.. I would not be surprised to see a Macdonalds or Subway. It is too big for Subway but plenty of other units they could get. It is probably too small for a Macdonalds.
    As for a pop up… at a rent of what I would assume would be £4k a month for that unit at least (possibly a lot more)! I am not sure how any pop up could afford that type of cost. Plus Popups are run down and look cheap/nasty.

    That unit does not need to be and M&S food or Waitrose Mini. The Coop building is where one of those could park their business.. We just need to get rid of them in order to do so. Maybe if we did then whoever came in could keep the fridges working and supply food at a better price.

    Good to see we are all happy again.

  9. I’d rather a KFC than McDonalds. The High Street has not had a good chicken place since Chicken Spot became BBQ Express.

  10. Next to the George, the planning application states residential dwellings and an A3 unit, which means a restaurant. I can do without another eatery if it means an M&S. Then I’ll never have to stand in the self checkout at Co-Op and explode with rage at those machines. I mean it could just be me but they are dreadful. Wanstead deserves better 😉

  11. It’s a great location slap bang in the middle of the High Street,plenty of foot traffic all day every day.Perfect location for a quality estate agents.

    No more bars,no more takeaways or card shops.

  12. It would be perfect for something like All You Read is Love in leytonstone. A quirky, independent book shop by day/performance space in the evenings with light bites, wine and cocktails. Sadly rent likely to be prohibitive for any pop
    up like that to test the water.

  13. I’m another who misses Woolworths, such a great all-rounder. The most approximate replacement for a Woolworths type of shop is….Wilkinsons? How about a Wilkinsons branch? One stop shopping for a wide range of necessities.

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