More scenes from the Wanstead Fringe 2021

The eighth Wanstead Fringe concluded at the weekend and, though Wansteadium has a vested interest in this, was a huge success. Many hundreds of people took part in events ranging from comedy to open air film to book talks to the Jumble Trail to a groundbreaking spoken word night.

Giles Wilson, chair of the Wanstead Fringe Association, said: “The Fringe was a massive success this year – there was so much pent up appetite for events that nearly every event sold out. Thank you to the event organisers, venues, sponsors, volunteers, and ticket-buyers – none of it could have happened without you. 

“And now is the time to be thinking about what Wanstead Fringe 2022 might look like. If you want to get involved, or even plan your own event, please do get in touch now with us via”

Ibizo Lami at the Spoken Word night
Film critic Ben Walsh talks about the great days of British horror
The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones on technology and social media

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