M&S for Wanstead: It’s a yes

Unconfirmed rumours have been swirling round Wanstead for months now, with M&S themselves given little information about their intentions away.

But this planning application, rather strangely gaffer-taped to a lamp-post near the George, seems to give the game away.


157 Wanstead High Street is the new building bring finished next door to the George, the site of the original Kinema.

So, unless this is part of an elaborate hoax, it looks like it’s takeaway crème brûlées all round!

(Thanks Dave Buba)

48 thoughts on “M&S for Wanstead: It’s a yes”

    1. Gentrification definition:
      A process by which middle-class people take up residence in a traditionally working-class area of a city, changing the character of the area.

      Bandwagon word for an area doing well. Districts never stay the same they either improve or decline. In my lifetime, (which is long) Wanstead never was a ‘working class’ area.
      M&S is hardly Fortnum & Mason and exists in practically every high street in the land!
      Yaaaay, let’s have more empty units, pound shops and betting shops!

      1. While it’s true that Wanstead was always if anything middle class, it was the kind of middle class that was “upper working class” or in other words at least genteel but affordable to ordinary families.

        There was much more I was about to say about an area becoming unaffordable for those who roots truly are in that area, and the moral problems of thinking that’s just fine and dandy, but I won’t.

      2. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with a decent pound shop.

        Or can nobody here admit that a sturdy bucket or washing-up bowl, or a new broom, is the same by any other name whether you needed to run and get one for a pound, or for a ridiculous 3-figure sum from the household aisle at Waitrose? Pathetic snobbery.

  1. Hipsters in M&S? They’d either be lost, or non hipsters. This is good news as will increase footfall from the co-op to the George, so the shops on that parade will see increased traffic and trade overall should gradually improve. The fish shop for example will see better trade.

  2. No one is going to make you go there. If you don’t want to shop in simply food there don’t walk through the doors. Simples.
    It is no more expensive than Sainsburys, Tesco and the co op either, they also have good deals.

  3. Firstly Heinz beans are Heinz beans, no matter where you buy them.. Unless it is M&S food where they are more expensive (than the co-op) yet taste the same.

    Secondly however, who doesn’t like 2 dine for £10 from M&S. Amazing how they can decide to do that for a few days a month don’t you think…

    Thirdly though… You might want to speak with another member on here about that sign… I may or may not have witnessed them print it and we may or may not have had a few glasses of Port that night before popping to the George for a few Jagerbombs.

  4. As someone else mentioned, car parking.. What we need is tighter controls on the High Street to:

    A. Ensure lazy Wansteadiums can get a parking space outside M&S food.
    B. Discourage non-Wansteadiums from coming to the area. This is a local place for local people after all.

    Majestic are going to have to police their car park one feels.

    Wooooo Hooooo!! I am so excited about getting an M&S food!!

  5. Looks like a hoax to me, every other planning application notice i can recall is on pink paper, laminated and strung to the lamppost. An m&s would be a great addition though, offset to a small extent the negative impact of the uninspiring architecture in which it will reside.

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