New broom at Queen’s British Grill

Good luck to another new management at the Queen’s British Grill, for Tuesday, their first day. This change does, however, look pretty interesting.

The new chef is Adebola Adeshina, who has been running Parsons Restaurant in Waltham Abbey. His site biography says the following:

“Born in Nigeria, Adebola (Ade) moved with his family to London as a child. Inspired by his mother’s cooking, he always knew that he would be a chef. After college, he got a job working with the Aubergine team under Gordon Ramsay. He remained with Ramsay for six years, cooking at the three-Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay Restaurant and at Petrus under Marcus Wareing.  He also climbed the ranks working with Philip Howard at The Square, Eric Chavot at The Capital and Tom Ilic at Bonds.  In February 2006 he opened a critically acclaimed restaurant with Fabrizio Russo called The Lock Dining Bar in North London and in 2011 he recently opened Parsons Restaurant in Waltham Abbey.”

The restaurant reopens after a Christmas refurbishment. You can see the man in action here:

sukibigWansteadium’s food blogger Suki Orange says: “Naturally I wish them well – as we always do with new ventures. My initial thoughts about the menu are that it’s ambitious if a bit confusing, and maybe a touchy pricey? I’d like to know a bit more about the provenance of the rare breeds it will be using, especially since steaks start at £19.50 on the a la carte menu. (Also I can’t resist pointing out some spelling mistakes on the menu, which might say more about me than it does about the restaurant, but really it’s those kinds of things I notice somehow… I know I’m not alone.) But once again, good luck to all involved – Wanstead needs good restaurants.”

10 thoughts on “New broom at Queen’s British Grill”

  1. Having eaten at Parsons I personally can’t wait, great chef, always has an interesting menu and I don’t know who supplies the steaks, but best I’ve had. I’ll definitely be dining with the family.

  2. Shame, I had hoped the revamp would be a move away from steak to a more rounded/interesting menu. Just looks like more of the same overpriced food that was there before….

  3. Saw a flat in Wanstead on the market for £500k plus, the other day.

    £20+ steaks are about right then for new Wanstead 😉

    Cheap as chips, only £2.50 as a side order though.

    Not sure I will go as it Leytonstone borders.

  4. Looks promising. I liked eating here under previous management. Not sure why you think its Leytonstone. Even if it was, what would be wrong with that?

  5. It would be LOVELY if someone could please open a restaurant (Leytonstone would be very acceptable as well as convenient) that served good, simple but tasty food at reasonable prices. I’m sure the food at The Queen’s will be great, but whenever I see that you have to PAY for every separate thing that should be with a main I am immediately put off! Restaurants take note- we haven’t all got £100 going spare for 2 to eat out.

  6. They are obviously trying, as they’d found an old email I sent when it changed hands last time. I’d pointed out some awful spelling on the email flyer I’d received and said I would not be patronising whilst they had Michael Jackson impressionists providing cabaret.

    They invited me to try it under the new ownership (but didn’t offer any incentive) which I probably will. If the quality is there, then the prices are OK. I paid far more at Hawksmoor recently for a tough piece of meat and awful service. What they need to accomplish is consistency – a quality it never had.

    It has a very restricted number of covers, so they will need to keep it as busy as possible.

  7. Sorry about the Leytonstone jab but I’m still mourning the loss of Russell and Bromley.

    Some good stuff there; the basic Thai cafe ( can’t remember the name ), the delightful Engine Shed ( sooo Wanstead ) and of course the Post Office mail collection office on Joseph Ray Road 😉

  8. The basic Thai in Leytonstone beyond the railway bridge is Singburi. The smarter Thai opposite Matalan is very good. Also worth exploring is the new dim sum café, Panda. Not been yet but good reports. It’s just down from the junction with Church Lane. Sunday roasts at the Red Lion and the south Indian specialities at Grillsbay also excellent.

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