New café for Wanstead: Barrel Boulangerie opens


Barrel Boulangerie, the cafe/restaurant which has taken the spot previously occupied by the Currant, has opened for a bustling first day.

Wansteadium’s monitor on the spot, Lucy, reports that it now has lots more tables than the Currant had and definitely has its focus on food. “Ciabattas, pizzas (proper pizza oven), crepes, open sandwiches; decent coffee; nice looking cakes. Felt busy and bustling, and a bit crazed! But then, it was the first lunchtime….,” she writes.

So it sounds like a very promising start – though in a move which will upset Currant regulars, dogs are now not allowed.  Reviews from early customers are welcome here, and as is the Wansteadium tradition, we wish the new owners and workers the best of luck in their venture. Also it has a very smart floor.

Menus are:




  • The list of Wanstead traders with francophone nomenclature grows to eight… Le Voyage, Beauté Parfaite, Click Beautique, Provender, Café Brasserie, Jo Jo Maman Bébé, et Le Marmiton.

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  1. is PROVENDER French ?/.
    I live at PROVENDER BARN and always thought it an old ENGLISH WORD
    just saying because I may be living under dear a delusion.
    Ps. JANICE that was rather
    rude .

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