Original features are going

The elegant Gothic – or some might say barbaric – spikes on the top of the old brick wall surrounding the old Wanstead Hospital grounds on Hermon Hill are slowly on their way out.

The wall has been gradually collapsing because of a combination of age and tree roots, and three sections have recently been rebuilt. In due course the whole wall will need replacing – but the original spikes, which would never pass inspection today, are not surviving the transition.

A couple of lucky souvenir hunters have bagged some of them. But for passers-by there is still a bit of street art to enjoy: an unexplained but lovingly installed collection of multi-coloured wires twisted around the spikes. What are they and why are they there? And if no one knows, would someone please make up an urban myth about them?

4 thoughts on “Original features are going”

  1. lb Redbridge need to be told. im sure its protected. the new wall should also have the original copings reinstated.

  2. I guess they were to stop folk going over the wall, but we have wondered why they haven’t been re-instated every time they replace sections of wall, given that the wall lies within the curtilage of the listed building; should the wall re-building have therefore required listed building consent?

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