New Co-op

20170327_150424Who would have thought the old Argus Lighting shop on George Lane would turn into something useful? But lo and behold, a brand new Co-op, looking stylish in 2017 regulation grey.

21 thoughts on “New Co-op”

  1. Another overpriced chain store..

    Oh, not Wanstead! So it does not matter. But hang on… South Woodford have an M&S food AND a Waitrose… All they need now is a Tesco!

  2. I’ve just rediscovered the Co-Op. The staff actually talk to you – you know – conversation and they do fab fresh bread and Portuguese tarts. All’s right with the world!

  3. Ah come on Kish Tailor, SoWo and Wanstead are neighbours and I’m sure there’s a lot of crossover between the two in terms of who uses the high streets and is on social media. SoWo doesn’t have a dedicated Facebook page yet so good on Wansteadium for thinking outside the box. In other developments just up the road in SoWo: The Woodford is being repainted and is under new ownership to become a steak restaurant apparently. Morello is also reopening soon as Parlay bar & grill. And the Napier Arms is reopening soon as Lokkum mezze and cocktail lounge. And Grand Trunk Road is great too! Wansteadium might like to cover them in an article too?

  4. Hmm. That part of George Lane is already a nightmare to drive up, at any time of day, especially when two buses coincide from opposite directions. Unless the parking regulations around the new Co-op change, it’s going to be chaos! I can just see the huge queues of traffic stacking up, back down the road, onto Hermon Hill and beyond because some selfish idiot has blocked the road to ‘pop into Co-op for two minutes’. Better get the local traffic wardens to sharpen their pencils…

    1. Parking is very difficult to impossible anyway around there, but I see the Co-Op opening as an excellent news for us commuters living on the east side of the line at SW. I imagine most of the trade will be from people on foot, popping in for small frequent shops.

  5. Kate Jolley when I posted on here once before about the barrier in South Woodford churchfields giving automatic tickets to people I was told it’s not Wanstead and my post was taken down .I was only trying to be helpful and warn people as the barrier is now permanently open but a camera issued immediate tickets even a minute before deadline

  6. Yes Ann I remember Wansteadium being a bit sniffy when you raised this issue but has featured posts about The Woodford restaurant, filming near Forest school, The Co op to name a few, none of which are in Wanstead.

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