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  1. I am surprised no one has mentioned the cut back of the trees/bushes in the Park? Looks much more inviting now. Less places for attackers to hide..

    1. While you’re right there’s no place for an attacker to hide, which is nice, it looks, though, like a post-nuclear wasteland!! Sorry, just my opinion. A lot of species actually need ground scrub and shrubbery to live, so there’s been harming of habitat there, from that point of view.

  2. Forgot to add, that very stoat in the article was likely displaced by that clearing operation, as what got razed is the kind of habitat stoats occupy. Yes there’s more elsewhere but are humans going to one day clear all that out too? We have to consider not just what people think looks “nice” in the park but how the various species there need to live, and we’re destroying habitat and displacing animals like this one.

  3. Well said GB! It is very worrying that there are plans afoot to “tidy up” and “open up” the Park, when some of the most attractive things about it are its wildness, its sense of adventure, narrow, twisting muddy paths leading to unexpected vistas, the feeling of walking in the country. Who needs another manicured path when the option is a varied habitat giving a home to a variety of wildlife which we then have the privilege of seeing if we are lucky and if we are patient – great photo, by the way!

    1. I so agree with you, Nina. Exactly my thoughts.

      While I will say that this park is in urgent need of much more care and certain things fixed, it only needs the kind of fixing that involves repair and care and upkeep, not radical “cleaning up” and chopping down.

      It was once manicured but its return to seeming wild (even though man-managed) is its biggest charm.

  4. Thank you Nina and GB. Totally agree. The only thing that needs to be tidied is the rubbish left by humans. Let’s not interfere with the homes of our animal and other species friends.

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