New estate agent on the way

Early speculation that the new ‘flat iron’- style building at Snaresbrook would become a Foxtons turns out to have been wrong – but it is becoming an estate agent.

Signs put up at the office on Wednesday show it will open as a Keaton’s during the summer.

With house prices in London reporting a 25% rise in the past year it’s hardly surprising there is a boom in agents, but this does mean there are at least half a dozen in Wanstead. The office has been standing empty for more than a year since it was built.

17 thoughts on “New estate agent on the way”

  1. Rental prices within Wanstead are also becoming ridiculous, so much so that we are moving out to Sawbridgeworth to get some kind of value for money. We understand that there is a premium paid to live here, and it is paid gladly but when we moved here three and a half years ago we paid £900 p/m, this week our 2-bed flat has just gone on the market for £1200 p/m, crazy. And it is one of the cheaper examples. Estate agents don’t even have to try to get business/receive their commission, must be the easiest job in the world….rant over.

  2. Too many already! Whilst the wanstead end of the high st seems to be improving. (New restaurant, fishmonger, coffee shops etc) once you come to snaresbrook end it is feels like the poor relative.

  3. Great! More geezers and geezerettes pushing up the prices round here! Still the manic pursuit that ‘houses are an investment, not a place to live in’ continues. Not content with creating the completely fatuous concept of ‘Wanstead Village’, estate agents have now starting to talk about ‘West Wanstead’ (which doesn’t actually exist) to flog houses in Leytonstone! What’s next from our River Island-suited bretheren I wonder? Wanstead-by-Sea? Wanstead Ho!? Royal Wanstead?

  4. @Jon I think the flats are called Frederick House. There’s one for sale on Rightmove at the moment, but they seem to have been available for a long time. I’ve never seen any for rent. Am I right in thinking that as they’re above commercial premises it would be harder to get a ‘normal’ mortgage? If so, they’re probably aimed at buy-to-letters.

    I see that the bungalow on Sylvan Road is still for sale…

  5. Surely this is regeneration? The shop has been vacant for at least a year!
    It’s nice to see something happening at that end of the Street, it was starting to feel a little desolate. I don’t understand why everyone is quick to blame estate agents for raising prices, have you ever heard of sellers and landlords trying to keep them down!?

  6. I live on Sylvan Road and, whilst I would prefer this to be something more useful (namely the Sainsbury’s that is apparantly going into Barclays), it will still be nice to see some actual use of the premises and is much better than staying vacant for another 12 months.

  7. It seems like a relatively large site for an estate agent’s. Which makes me ponder the usefulness of a physical estate agent’s shop these days. Are property searches not mostly done online, I wonder.

    Perhaps Sainsbury’s would have been better suited to this particular site – rather than being two doors away from a Tesco – it would bring some balance to that neglected end-of-High-Street, notwithstanding the gorgeous little Time for Tea, which is fabulous and recommended.

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