Snaresbrook and Wanstead Tour de France details (now with times)

If you don’t already know what’s happening on Monday, here is the detail of the TFL/TDF map as far as it concerns Wanstead and Snaresbrook.

Local primary schools are allowing pupils to be taken out of school in the afternoon to go and see the race, and shops are getting ready for what isn’t called in France le carnagement du traffic. You can get full details at the TFL site or at Redbridge-i.

Times of route, according to TFL:

First time shown is the “caravan” of freebies etc, second time is the race.

Epping Forest (The Sprint)
       Caravan           12:56
       Race                  14:43
       Caravan          13:09
      Race                  14:55
       Caravan          13:19
        Race                15:04
   Caravan              13:25
   Race                    15:09
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
   Caravan              13:26
    Race                    15:11



Meanwhile Waitrose in South Woodford is being awfully proper about the whole thing, warning customers that because of “a local sporting event a number of roads will be disrupted”.
photo (33)

Update – Waitrose has had second thoughts:


Bus details:


7 thoughts on “Snaresbrook and Wanstead Tour de France details (now with times)”

  1. Absolutely gutted I’ll be stuck at work and not able to watch it come through where I live.

    PS “le carnagement du traffic” is what happens here every morning and every afternoon during the week.

  2. Think I’ll try to catch it.

    That Waitrose sign’s terrible. Shouldn’t it say: “The Tour de France is passing through our area on Monday. Some roads will be closed, so it might be harder to drive to this store.”

    And ‘earlier in the week’ sounds a bit odd when we’re talking about a Monday.

  3. The supermarket sign doesn’t make sense assuming Monday is most people’s start of the week (I know Sunday used to be considered the start for some).
    How can you do your shopping “earlier in the week” than Monday?

  4. Not “gutted” like someone else, even if
    I am from Upper Leytonstone & on
    holiday, in Bedale, North Yorkshire, as
    the TV, coverage has been most excellent!
    Plus here at the Park, till today, Tour de France was shown on a massive flat screen TV free!
    Will be watching on small TV, till the end, hoping to see a few friends & Family of course!
    Have to recover, from Grand Son’s School Head in Epping, banning Football & all balls at his School?
    Utter disgrace?
    Does the amazing Tour de France, stop to sleep or is it 24/7?

  5. from tfl: first time shown is the “caravan” of freebies etc, second time is the race.
    Key race locations Caravan Race
    Epping Forest (The Sprint)
    Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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