New homes to be built in Wanstead – on top of old ones

Photo: Apex Airspace, Abbey Road

The government has approved a plan to install prefabricated homes on top of buildings in Wanstead as part of a test programme which could address the housing shortage across the country.

The plan, reported in Planning Portal, follows tests on the concept which involves manufacturing prefabricated single storey constructions and installing them on top of existing buildings. Wanstead is one of five areas for which approval has been granted.

It is not clear where in Wanstead the plan is referring to, but the report says some of the homes could be completed by the summer. They could clearly only be built on sites with flat roofs where rights could be negotiated with freehold owners.

There would also, presumably, be local planning permission needed – but the news does raise the prospect of a number of new penthouse-style flats being available in Wanstead within the next year.

The homes will be built by Apex Airspace, whose work was featured on the BBC’s Inside Out in this report.

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9 thoughts on “New homes to be built in Wanstead – on top of old ones”

  1. Most interesting and an excellent solution to local housing needs, but needs to be done carefully and sensitively.
    In the ‘Inside Out’ programme, I was concerned to see lovely old Victorian buildings being dwarfed even more by the upwardly-extending flats opposite them.
    The first one featured in Camden looked totally acceptable, but one of two penthouses featured and more for the wealthier buyer than those most in need.
    I do hope that London’s planners can put some sort of limit on high-rise dwellings, so that our lovely City doesn’t become like New York etc. And certainly here in Wanstead.

  2. If they are penthouses my guess is that they will be very expensive so that will not solve the housing crisis!!

  3. The use of the term ‘Penthouse’ leaves me concerned!! Affordable housing for whom? Just another money making scheme for the fat rats? Or am I cynical?

  4. Penthouses in wanstead are you having a laugh?Just another money spinner for a developer..
    Affordable homes yes ,penthouses no.
    Jackie Hamilton

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